Town Branch™ Square Shot Glass Town Branch™ Rocks Glass Kentucky™ IPA Pint Glass Town Branch™ Bung Magnet
Price: $5.99
Price: $9.99
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Price: $5.99
Town Branchâ„¢ Square Shot Glass Town Branchâ„¢ Rocks Glass Kentuckyâ„¢ IPA Pint Glass Town Branchâ„¢ Bung Magnet

This 2 oz. shot glass will stand out on your shelf with its square shape and Town Branch logo.

Pour your Town Branch bourbon neat or on the rocks in this lovely 10 oz. glass featuring the Town Branch logo.

This 16 oz. glass stamped with the 3-color Kentucky IPA logo has a wide mouth for easy drinking.

This wooden bung that would be used to seal a Town Branch bourbon barrel has been repurposed as a decorative magnet.

Town Branch™ Tasting Journal
Price: $29.99
Town Branchâ„¢ Tasting Journal
This is a genuine leather bound journal with flavor wheel and multiple sections to be used for taking notes following a spirits or craft beer tasting.